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Municipal and Provincial Affairs - 1999

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January 6
New year brings new approach to municipal relations

January 12
Province announces $1.5 million for harbour clean-up project

January 13
NOTE TO EDITORS:  News conference, January 13, St. John's  Subject: Water tax issue
Province announces response to water tax issue

January 14
NOTE TO EDITORS: News conference, January 14, St. John's Subject: Initiatives to assist municipalities
Province announces measures to assist municipalities


February 15
Minister comments on rock slide situation in Upper Island Cove


March 17
Minister comments on KPMG report

March 22
Charges laid against North Atlantic Refinery
Debt Relief Program to continue for municipalities
$100 Million Capital Works Program announced

Funding continued for regular Municipal Capital Works Program
Enactment of New Municipalities Act


May 5
Glenwood sewage plant repairs and upgrade

May 13
NOTE TO EDITORS:  News conference - May 13, St. John's
Ministerial Statement - New Municipalities Act

May 17
Ministerial Statement - Municipal Government Awareness Day

May 18
Ministerial Statement - Status of multi-year accelerated capital works program

May 25
Ministerial Statement - Condolences offered to Woodford family


June 8
Minister congratulates new President of Federation of Canadian Municipalities

June 17
Approved projects - Municipal Capital Works Program 1999

June 18
Correction regarding Capital Works program release from June 17


July 5
Delegation returns from France

July 15
NOTE TO EDITORS: News conference, July 16, St. John's

July 16
Over $106 million approved for Multi-Year Municipal Capital Works Program


August 3
Minister returns from conference of provincial and Territorial ministers

August 23
Status report on Municipal Capital Works


September 24
Minister travels to St. Bride's to assess storm damages


October 1
Municipal Assessment Agency - Assessment fees unchanged
Newfoundland and Labrador Housing Corporation - 14th provincial tenant conference

October 8
NOTE TO EDITORS:  Crosbie/Portia Place playground to officially open, October 8
Newfoundland and Labrador Housing Corporation - NLHC opens new playground

October 18
NOTE TO THE EDITORS:  Minister to meet with NLHC's oldest client, today, St. John's
Newfoundland and Labrador Housing Corporation - NLHC recognizes oldest housing client

October 29
NOTE TO EDITORS: Fly the Flag of Remembrance ceremony, November 1, Confederation Building


November 8
Municipal stakeholder groups sign Memorandum of Understanding on Training

November 17
Ministerial Statement - Seminars on new Municipalities Act

November 26
Minister comments on remarks made regarding 1998 fire/explosion at Come By Chance Oil Refinery


December 1
Government providing assistance to Eastport

December 2
Ministerial Statement - Water supply system in Eastport

December 6
Flushing of contaminated line shows encouraging results

December 7
Ministerial Statement - Newfoundland and Labrador Association of Fire Chiefs and Firefighters present annual brief to the Social Policy Committee

December 14
Ministerial Statement - Newfoundland and Labrador Federation of Municipalities

December 22
Newfoundland and Labrador Housing Corporation - Students win scholarships - Avalon East region - Central region - Western / Labrador region
Newfoundland and Labrador Housing Corporation - Minister welcomes additional funding for RRAP

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