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Human Resources and Employment - 1999

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January 8
Province ends year on high note

January 29
NOTE TO EDITORS: News conference, January 29, St. John's Subject: New initiatives for social assistance clients
Initiatives to improve financial position of social assistance clients


February 5
Positive trend in employment growth continues


March 8
NOTE TO EDITORS: News conference, March 8, St. John's Subject: Details on funding released
Program to prepare women for key roles in natural resources sector

March 12
Strong employment growth in February

March 22
Minister announces uncome support and employment initiatives

March 31
Second consecutive decline in net out-migration levels


April 9
Year over year growth remains strong


May 7
Year over year employment growth continues
NOTE TO EDITORS:  News conference, May 12, St. John's

May 14
Data on labour markets and migration for 1998

May 17
Ministerial Statement - The National Child Benefit Progress Report: 1999

May 19
Ministerial Statement - Single Parent Employment Support Program and Women Interested in Successful Employment

May 25
NOTE TO EDITORS:  News conference, May 25, St. John's
Help for low income families


June 4
Province leads country in employment growth

June 30
Labrador group attends international conference


July 7
Summer programs employ 2,500 youth

July 9
Solid labour market performance in first half


September 10
Minister comments on labour force statistics

September 21
Minister announces funding for youth employment initiative



October  8
Employment growth remains strong in Newfoundland and Labrador

October 19
Status of women appointments for new millennium


November 5
Solid labour market performance continues for Newfoundland and Labrador

November 22
Ministerial Statement - Newfoundland and Labrador Work Info Net

November 30
Ministerial Statement - Single Parent Employment Support Program


December 3
Newfoundland and Labrador reaches record high in employment

December 6
Ministerial Statement - Labour force statistics for Newfoundland and Labrador

December 10
Ministerial Statement - Anniversary of  Signing of Universal Declaration of Human Rights

Ministerial Statement - Additional funding for employment programs


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