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Health and Community Services - 1999

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January 12
Good progress in social union negotiations

January 13
NOTE TO EDITORS:  News conference, January 13, St. John's  Subject:  New investment in provincial health system
$20  million investment for health budget

January 27
NOTE TO EDITORS: News conference, January 28, St. John's Subject: Anti-smoking campaign

January 28
Provincial Tobacco Reduction Coalition established

January 29
Improved services for youth


February 04
Improved services for youth


March 18
NOTE TO EDITORS: News conference, March 19, St. John's Subject: Provincial nutrition policy

March 19
Provincial Nutrition Policy

March 22
$40 million deficit for regional health boards eliminated
$15 million investment in health and community services system
$6 million for Meditech System
Bursaries for MUN medical graduates
Personal Care Allowance for Seniors in Long-Term Care
$10 Million for Equipment
$5 Million for Year 2000

March 24
Allied Youth Awards Scholarship

March 29
Ministerial Statement - Workload issues for nurses

March 30
Note to Editors: News conference, March 30, St. John's

March 31
National Child Benefit Announcement
Impaired Driving Program takes a prevention and early intervention approach


May 7
Federal, provincial and territorial ministers launch dialogue process for National's Children's Agenda

May 10
Ministerial Statement - National Children's Agenda
Ministerial Statement - Nursing Shortages

May 11
Note to Editors: News conference, May 11, St. John's
Ministerial Statement - Amendment to tobacco control act

May 12
Ministerial Statement - Nursing Scholarship

May 13
Nursing Scholarship
Minister comments on remarks regarding Hoyles Escasoni

May 26
Ministerial Statement - Agreement reached with emergency room doctors


June 2
Minister comments on health direction in Nova Scotia budget


July 27
Fogo Island Hospital site announced


August 2
Investments in health care paying off

August 11
Canadian Institute for Health Information statistics indicate number of Newfoundland and Labrador physicians on par with rest of country

August 18
Newfoundland's financial commitment to health care recognized nationally

August 20
Newfoundland and Labrador Centre for Health Information - Improving the Ability to Use Information in the Health System

August 29
NOTE TO EDITORS: News conference, August 30, Marystown  Subject: Release of report into issues raised by Burin area physicians

August 30
Report on issues of contention between physicians from Burin area and Peninsulas Health Care Corporation released today


September 8
International Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Day, September 9

September 14
Health ministers announce primary health care project for three rural areas
Government awaiting recommendations of HCCSJ regarding review of hospital suicides
Federal/provincial/territorial ministers examine issues facing an aging society

September 15
National Muscular Dystrophy Awareness Month

September 16
Provincial results in report on health of Canadians

September 17
Hospital wait times for treatment below national average in seven of 12 areas

September 30
Pilot project program to enhance rural practice experience for nursing students


October 4
Information sessions begin on new Child Welfare legislation

October 20
Government put over $14 million into nursing and support staff since Spring 1999

October 22
$150,000 Novartis donation to support academic appointment in human genetics

October 25
National Immunization Awareness Week


November 1
Funding for cervical screening initiative

November 4
Buehler Report into cancer at Westport shows rate of cancer slightly less than Newfoundland and Canada average

November 12
Midwifery Implementation Committee established

November 17
NOTE TO EDITORS:  News conference, November 18, St. John's, Subject:  Youth tobacco initiative

November 18
Teen Tobacco Team to advise health minister

November 19
Ministerial Statement - National Child Day, November 20 and funding for autistic children
Information on Trihalomethanes (THMs) in public water supplies

November 23
Ministerial Statement - THMs in drinking water

November 29
Teen Tobacco Team members announced
Ministerial Statement - Provincial Tobacco Reduction strategy
NOTE TO EDITORS:  News conference, November 30, St. John's, Subject:  Initiative to reduce prescription drug abuse and misuse.

November 30
Minister announces Prescription Drug Monitoring Program


December 1
Ministerial Statement - World AIDS Day
NOTE TO EDITORS:  News conference, December 2, St. John's, Subject: New legislation

December 2
Government to introduce new adoptions legislation

December 16
Province's commitment to health care evident in national expenditure report

December 17
Nursing scholarships awarded

December 20
Nurse Practitioner Program receives approval


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