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March 31, 1999
(Health and Community Services)

National Child Benefit Announcement

Joan Marie Aylward, Minister of Health and Community Services, today announced a funding allotment of $1.25 million for the implementation of Family Resource Centres and Family Home Child Care Agencies as part of the National Child Benefit Reinvestment Plan. The minister also announced the sites for the eight family resource centre projects and two family home child care agency pilot projects.

"This government continues to demonstrate its commitment to children and families. Today, we are allocating more than $1.25 million annually to improve services for our children and their families," said the minister. "We have set a course through our Strategic Social Plan and together, through partnerships in the community, we are moving in a direction which will ensure healthy, happy, and productive lives for new generations of Newfoundlanders and Labradorians, our children."

These initiatives have required considerable planning and consultation over the past few months. Recommendations are based on a thorough analysis of available demographic and statistical information, and assessment of need and capacity of communities to develop and sustain projects in the long-term.

The consultation process demonstrates that there is strong interest in Family Resource Centres throughout the province. Government is committed to further support for Family Resource Centres as stated in the Strategic Social Plan as additional resources become available. The Family Home Child Care Agency concept is a relatively new one for the province. A developmental phase is recommended initially to work out operational and programming details.

Media contact: Glenn Bruce, Director of Communications, (709) 729-1377.



The eight Family Resource Centre Projects announced today include:


1) Sheshatshiu - a centre for the community, building on the potential to receive additional funding from Health Canada's Aboriginal Head Start Program.

2) Cartwright to Lodge Bay - a main centre to be located in Cartwright, with satellite sites in: Black Tickle, Charlottetown and Mary's Harbour. The project will cover 10 coastal communities.


One project to cover several communities along the Northern Peninsula and South Coast of Labrador. A main centre in St. Anthony, with satellite centres in communities of: St. Lunaire-Grequet, Roddickton and West St. Modeste. The site in West St. Modeste will service the communities from Red Bay to L'Anse-au-Clair.


One project, with a main centre in Deer Lake and satellites to service the areas of Pasadena, Bonne Bay and several communities in White Bay.


One project from Gambo to Centreville. A main centre for Dover, with outreach sites to be determined as the project develops.


One project with a main centre in Catalina, and satellite sites in Bonavista, Plate Cove, Musgravetown and Lethbridge.


1) One project to service the area from Kilbride to Ferryland; with location of the main centre and additional satellite sites to be determined.

2) Funding to support family resource services at Holy Cross School, in partnership with the Brighter Futures Coalition of St. John's and district.

Two agencies are identified as pilot sites:

1) the Canadian Union of Postal Workers (CUPW) Family Resource Centre, located on Pippy Place, St. John's; and,

2) the Organization for Community Action Initiative (CAPC program), located in Dunfield Park, Corner Brook.

Additional agencies, in all regions of the province, will be recommended for funding in 1999/2000, as interest, need and capacity become evident.

1999 03 31 4:55 p.m.

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