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Fisheries and Aquaculture - 1999

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January 4
NOTE TO EDITORS - News conference, January 5 Subject: Results of independent study on Northwest Atlantic harp seal population

January 5
Minister calls on DFO not to reduce 1999 seal fishery TAC

January 14
Minister, fishermen alarmed over historically high numbers of gray seals congregating in Newfoundland waters


March 8
NOTE TO EDITORS: News conference, March 9, St. John's Subject: Harp seal predation on cod stocks

March 9
Minister comments on harp seal predation on cod

March 19
Bonavista Bay and surrounding area residents organize rally

March 22
Aggressive efforts to diversify and revitalize the fishery

March 29
Ministerial Statement - Fishing industry


April 1
Steady growth in province's mussel industry

April 12
NOTE TO EDITORS: News conference, April 14, Ottawa Subject: Seal overpopulation crisis on Canada's east coast

April 14
Minister comments on trip to Ottawa regarding seals

April 15
NOTE TO EDITORS:  News conference, April 16, St. John's,  Subject:  Recent meetings in Ottawa
Minister calls for seal management plan

April 20
Bloomfield/Musgravetown and surrounding area residents organize rally for Fisheries and Aquaculture Minister

April 28
Ministerial Statement - S.C.B. Fisheries


May 6
Ministerial Statement - FRCC 1999 Report

May 13
Ministerial Statement - Outlook for fishery in 1999


June 2
Minister comments on increased TAC for 3Ps cod

June 3
Minister comments on lack of scientific data on northern cod stock

June 4
Minister to attend ceremony to honour Bernard Martin, recipient of 1999 Goldman Environmental Award

Employment figures double in fish processing sector

June 30
Minister advises fish harvesters that quality standards and regulations will be strictly enforced at dockside and appropriate action taken if quality issues occur


July 7
Minister comments on return of 2J and 3KL commercial fisheries

July 21
Crab processing licence announced for Black Tickle

July 26
Mussel industry growing at rapid pace


August 3
Minister reminds fishers to keep ocean clean

August 23
NOTE TO EDITORS: Minister and Baccalieu Board of Economic Development to sign Memorandum of Understanding, August 24, Carbonear

August 24
Memorandum of Understanding signed for fisheries initiatives in Baccalieu Economic Development Zone


September 10
NOTE TO EDITORS:  Minister to take part in service

September 13
Minister requesting decision on offshore exploratory crab quota

September 21
Outcome of recent NAFO meetings a victory for Canada
Fisheries cooperation a priority for Efford at ministers' meetings

September 24
NOTE TO EDITORS: Briefing, September 24, Subject:   Meetings of the Atlantic and national ministers responsible for fisheries and aquaculture

September 29
NOTE TO EDITORS:  Minister to address Gander and area Chamber of  Commerce


November 3
Policy for issuing cod farming licences announced

November 9
Efford applauds Dhaliwal's decision to establish Eminent Persons Panel on Seal Issues

November 10
NOTE TO EDITORS: Minister to address Charting our Course symposium, November 15

November 12
First round of projects announced under Fisheries Diversification Program

November 15
NOTE TO EDITORS:  News conference, November 16, Subject: Quality initiative
Cod farming focus of seminar

November 16
Government-Industry Working Group on Fisheries

November 17
NOTE TO EDITORS: News conference, November 17, Subject: Water quality issues in province

November 19
Minister to speak at Fish Harvesters Ball, November 20, Baie Verte

November 22
NOTE TO EDITORS:  Minister to meet with federal assistant deputy minister for science, November 23

November 23
Ministerial Statement - Contribution of fishing industry to provincial economy


December 2
NOTE TO EDITORS:  Minister to speak at St. John's East Rotary Club breakfast, December 3

December 13
Ministerial Statement - Overview of fishing industry's performance for 1999

December 14
Funding awarded for fisheries diversification initiatives


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