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Environment and Labour - 1999

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January 6
Environmental Assessment Bulletin

January 22
Environmental Assessment Bulletin


February 8
Environmental Assessment Bulletin

February 19
Environmental Assessment Bulletin

February 25
Environmental Assessment Bulletin


March 8
Environmental Assessment Bulletin

March 9
NOTE TO EDITORS: News conference, March 10, Arnold's Cove  Subject:  North Atlantic Refining Limited

March 10
Stricter environmental requirements placed on North Atlantic Refining Ltd.

March 22
Funding approved for environmental remediation work
Government increases minimum wage

March 26
Environmental Assessment Bulletin


April 1
Environmental Assessment Bulletin
Ministerial Statement - Voisey's Bay Environmental Assessment Panel Report

April 16
Environmental Assessment Bulletin

April 22
Red Bay to Cartwright Road discharged from environmental assessment

April 28
Ministerial Statement - National Day of Mourning

April 29
Environmental Assessment Bulletin


May 4
Ministerial Statement - North American Drinking Water Week

May 5
Environmental Assessment Bulletin

May 11
NOTE TO EDITORS: News conference, May 12, St. John's, Subject: Occupational safety and health week
New CEO appointed to Workplace Health, Safety and Compensation Commission

May 14
Environmental Assessment Bulletin

May 17
Ministerial Statement - North American Occupational Safety and Health Week

May 19
Environmental assessment bulletin

May 28
Minimum wage increase

May 31
Environment Week - May 30 to June 5 and increased penalties for environmental offences


June 1
Newfoundland and Labrador to celebrate first annual Clean Air Day

June 2
NOTE TO EDITORS: News conference, June 3, Corner Brook
NOTE TO EDITORS: Environmental Awards ceremony, June 3

June 3
1999 Aerial Spray Program for insect control released from further environmental assessment
Newfoundland and Labrador Environmental Awards Presentation

June 4
Environmental Assessment Bulletin

June 10
NOTE TO EDITORS: Re-use Pledge Flag-Raising Event, June 11

June 11
Minister leads trade mission to Cuba, June 14-18
Environmental Assessment Bulletin

June 17
Clarification regarding Discovery Day holiday
Minister responds to concerns about insect control program

June 18
Environmental assessment bulletin

June 24
Environmental Assessment Bulletin

June 25
Canada Day - July 1, 1999


July 2
NOTE TO EDITORS: Minister to launch 10th Annual Vehicle Emissions Clinic in Grand Falls-Windsor, July 5

July 8
Environmental Assessment Bulletin

July 9
Eight member companies of NEIA return from trade mission to Cuba

July 17
Paper company and logger's union accept minister=s offer for exploratory talks

July 20
Government announces environmental trust fund
Environmental Assessment Bulletin

July 27
Labour minister arranges talks between Corner Brook Pulp and Paper Ltd. and Loggers' Union

July 28
NOTE TO EDITORS: News conference, July 29, St. John's  Subject:  Awareness and education program for diver safety
Environmental Assessment Bulletin
Minister clarifies government's position on clean up of Hope Brook Mine


August 3
NOTE TO EDITORS: News conference, August 3, St. John's   Subject: Voisey's Bay Mine/Mill Project Environmental Assessment Panel Report
Voisey's Bay Mine/Mill Project discharged from Environmental Assessment

August 13
Environmental Assessment Bulletin - August 6
Environmental Assessment Bulletin

August 19
Environmental Assessment Bulletin

August 26
Minister announces further study for former diesel generating plant in Westport
Environmental assessment bulletin

August 31
Minister comments on agreement between loggers and Corner Brook Pulp and Paper


September 1
Environmental Assessment Bulletin

September 2
Details of Waste Management Trust Fund Program announced
Labour Day

September 3
NOTE TO EDITORS: News conference, September 7, Minister Oliver Langdon

September 7
NOTE TO EDITORS: News conference, September 7, Westport, Subject: Findings of recent soil sampling work
Results of study into Westport environmental conditions released

September 8
Environmental Assessment Bulletin

September 9
Gisborne Lake Environmental Impact Statement accepted by minister

September 23
Environmental Assessment Bulletin


October 1
NOTE TO EDITORS:  News conference, Subject:   Bulk water export
National ban on bulk water exports

October 5
Environmental assessment bulletin

October 6
Westport environmental study continues

October 13
Environmental Assessment Bulletin

October 22
Environmental Assessment Bulletin

October 27
Shops Closing Holidays, 2000
NOTE TO EDITORS:  Public meeting, Thursday, October 28, 7 p.m., Westport, Subject: Report on environmental conditions at former Hydro diesel plant

October 28
Grant to Englee from Waste Management Trust Fund
Grant for the Provincial Tidy Towns Program from Waste Management Trust Fund

October 29
Minister announces results of environmental study at Westport


November 2
Grant for the Newfoundland Environmental Industry Association from Waste Management Trust Fund

November 3
Grant to Englee for clean-up in and around Bateau Cove Brook from Waste Management Trust Fund

November 4
Grant for three St. John's Clean and Beautiful environmental projects from Waste Management Trust Fund

November 17
NOTE TO EDITORS: News conference, November 17, Subject: Water quality issues
Monitoring program in place to measure water quality

November 18
Environmental Assessment Bulletin
Legislation prohibiting bulk water removal introduced
Waste management projects approved

November 22
Ministerial Statement - Bill to Amend the Occupational Health and Safety Act


December 2
Environmental Assessment Bulletin

December 3
Ministerial Statement - Status of two-year fish price pilot project

December 9
Environmental Assessment Bulletin

December 17
Environmental Assessment Bulletin


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