December 8, 1998
(Tourism, Culture and Recreation)

The following is being distributed at the request of Sport Newfoundland and Labrador:

Mini Lottery Winners

Sport Newfoundland and Labrador is pleased to announce the 23 winners of the Sport Mini Lottery Ticket Draw. The ticket draw took place on Monday, November 30 at the Holiday Inn, St. John's. The tickets were drawn by Norman Van de Spiegle, front desk manager of the Holiday Inn, and Michelle Collins, marketing coordinator with the St. John's Maple Leafs.

The Mini Lottery Ticket draw was designed to help the provincial sport governing bodies raise much needed funds to support amateur sport in Newfoundland. The tickets were sold for $2 each with a 50/50 split for the sport governing bodies.


1st Ticket # 26184
      Winner - Miss Janet Hedges - Gambo
       Seller - Ryan McDonald
       Trip for two anywhere Canadian Airlines files in Canada 
       plus two complimentary Empress Lounge passes
      (compliments of Canadian Airlines and Air Atlantic)

2nd Ticket # 25510
       Winner - Darren Lane - Tickle Cove, Bonavista Bay
        A three day fishing trip in the Labrador interior 
      (compliments of Air Labrador and Park Lake Lodging Inc.)

3rd Ticket # 41523
       Winner - Rob Fildes - Portugal Cove
       Return passage for two adults and an automobile from
       Newfoundland and Nova Scotia (compliments of Marine    
4th Ticket # 25409
        Winner - Monica Curl - Happy Valley Goose Bay
        Scuba Diving Lessons (compliments of Let's Dive, Grand          Falls-Windsor)
5th Ticket # 13776
      Winner - Louise Dwyer - Grenfell Heights
      Fairway's Golf Fall and Winter Training Package includes        seven free golf clinics and free practice for seven weeks at        Fairway's Golf (compliments of Fairway's Golf & A Whole        Lot More)

6th Ticket # 25815
      Winner - Margurite Howse - Hare Bay
      Sluggers Batting Fall or Winter Training Package includes free        batting practice for two months at Fairways Golf & A Whole        Lot More (compliments of Fairway's Golf & a Whole Lot         More)

7th Ticket # 10698
      Winner - Sally Rose - Newfoundland Drive
      One Adult Seasonal Ski Pass at Mount Shana, Happy
      Valley-Goose Bay (compliments of Ski Mount Shana 

8th Ticket # 15162
     Winner - Patsy Simon - St. Georges
     One evening in the Air Atlantic Corporate Booth at the St.
     John's Memorial Stadium for a group of seven to view a St.
     John's Maple Leafs Hockey Game (complimentary food and
     beverages provided)

9th Ticket # 16912
       Winner - Adam Greening - Port Blandford
       Weekend for two people at the Holiday Inn, St. John's and a          $50 gift certificate for East Side Mario's Restaurant
       (compliments of Holiday Inn, St. John's and East Side  

10th Ticket # 25899
        Winner - Marg Bursey - Hare Bay
        Pine Tree Ski Lodge (Port au Port) weekend ski pass for          four (compliments of Pine Tree Reaction)

11th Ticket # 26799
        Winner - Madeline Humby - Melrose
        Ten dozen Labatt's Beer (compliments of Labatt Breweries          of Newfoundland)

12th Ticket # - 11041
        Winner - Roy Acreman - Happy Valley-Goose Bay
        52 free movie rentals (1 per week for a year) (compliments          of Allan's Video)

13th Ticket # 12418
        Winner - Mary Hearn - 32A Cormack Street
        One 12 inch pizza with 3 toppings of your choice from each          of the following:  Pizza Experts/Pizza Delight locations:           Kenmount Road, Torbay Road and Regatta Plaza in St.          John's, Mount Pearl, Manuels, Bay Roberts, Placentia,           Stephenville, Corner Brook and Hawkes Bay

14th Ticket # 15229
        Winner - Paul Gear - Kippens
        One Labatt's Jacket (compliments of Labatt Breweries of          Newfoundland)

15th Ticket # 12058
        Winner - Betty Ann Connolly - Roaches Line
        One ticket on the Million Dollar Draw (compliments of the          Corner Brook civic centre committee)

16th Ticket # 25552
        Winner - Eli Russell - Brooklyn, NF
         Merchandise, a team autograph hockey stick and two
         hockey game tickets (compliments of the St. John's Maple           Leafs)

17th Ticket # 25766
        Winner - Elizabeth Howse - Glovertown
        One Molson Rain Suit (compliments of Molson Breweries)

18th Ticket # 25486
       Winner - Cyril Abbott - Bonavista
        A gift to the value of $100 (compliments of Nevada Bob's          Golf and Racquet Store)

19th Ticket # 25863
      Winner - Jabez Preston - Trinity Bay
       $100 gift pack (compliments of British Confectionary  
        Limited, St. John's)

20th Ticket # 15103
       Winner - Engine Master Ltd. - Stephenville
        $50 worth of Brookfield products (compliments of 
        Brookfield Dairy Group, St. John's)

21st Ticket # 26776
      Winner - Dennis Humby - Melrose
       $50 gift certificate (compliments of The Sports Shop, Water         Street, St. John's)

22nd Ticket # 10650
        Winner - Cyril Thistle - St. John's
        3M Canada gift pack (compliments of 3M Canada)

23rd Ticket # 19689
        Winner - John Campbell - Port au Port
        Five pound World's Finest chocolate, St. John's  
        (compliments of World's Finest Chocolate, St. John's)


1998 12 08                            1:10 p.m.


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