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Human Resources and Employment - 1998

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January 30
Student Co-op Program gets $50,000 extra in funding


February 12
Minister announces increased funding for youth employment initiative

February 13
NOTE TO EDITORS - Minister to hold news conference on ,February 16

February 16
Green Paper on adoption Policy and Law released


March 26
Minister announces new income support and employment initiatives
Budget Highlights
Government reinvesting $10.15 million in children and families

March 27
NOTE TO EDITORS: Ministers address staff departments


April 6
Ministerial Statement - National Child Benefit


May 25
NOTE TO EDITORS - Minister to introduce a new information kit for young women and men
Ministerial Statement - New funds for National Child Benefit

May 26
New information kit teaches young women to be smart about money
Ministerial Statement - Launch of Money Smarts Program

May 27
Ministerial Statement - Employability assistance for people with disabilities


June 19
Province unveils poster symbolizing efforts to reduce child poverty

June 29
NOTE TO EDITORS - Launch of new employment Internet site, June 30

June 30
New career information and employment web site launched


August 14
Linkages employment program combines work experience and career planning
Social assistance caseload lowest in five years

August 31
Premier unveils Strategic Social Plan


September 11
Minister comments on recent employment figures

September 25
NOTE TO EDITORS:  Reception for single parent employment program

September 28
Program helps single parents prepare for employment


October 1
Drug card coverage provides support to low income families entering work force

October 9
Employment numbers resume upward trend

October 20
NOTE TO EDITORS - Minister to hold reception in recognition of Single Parent Family Week

October 21
Single Parent Family Week recognized


November 6
Employment numbers climbing; social assistance caseload down


December 1
Ministerial Statement - Strategic Social Plan

December 3
Ministerial Statement - Award for SWASP program

December 8
Human Rights Commission - 50th anniversary of the Signing of declaration of Human Rights

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