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January 20, 1998
(Government Services and Lands)

Minister invites public response to Gas Pricing Report

Ernie McLean, Minister of Government Services and Lands, said today that government is inviting public response to a recent report on gasoline prices entitled: Gasoline Prices and the Public Interest - The Consumer Advocate's Report on Gasoline Prices in the Province of Newfoundland and Labrador. The report was written by Dennis Browne QC, a St. John's lawyer appointed to investigate variations in the retail prices of gasoline in different parts of the province.

Persons who would like to obtain a copy of the report and those wishing to respond to it may contact the Department of Government Services and Lands either by mail, phone or e-mail.

Persons wishing to respond in writing should submit their comments to Carol Furlong, Supervisor, Trade Practices, Second Floor, West Block, Confederation Building, AIB 4J6.

The toll-free number to request a copy of the report or to leave comments is 1-888-519-4999.

The report is also available on government's Internet site at / under Publications. At the site, Internet browsers can view the report, download the report, view related news releases, and leave e-mail comments.

The deadline for receipt of public comment is February 14, 1998.

Contact: Rick Callahan, (709) 729-4860.

1998 01 20 9:50 a.m.

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