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Justice - 1997

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January 3
Queen's Counsel Appointments

January 17
NOTE TO EDITORS: Paul Dicks to comment on provincial policing services, January 17


February 7
Minister of Justice issues statement regarding Temporary Absence Program


March 20
Government reaches understanding with the RCMP

March 25
Ministerial Statement - Conduct certificates provided free of charge to volunteers of non-profit organizations

March 26
Judicial Inquiry findings released

March 27
Judicial Inquiry to be held into death at St. John's lockup on November 18, 1995


April 18
Government to file Notice of Appeal in the Atlantic Leasing Limited case and Defense in Frank Ryan case
Government will appeal decision of arbitration panel on pay equity


May 12
Police Week in Canada

May 20
Ministerial Statement - Court action against government and School Boards


June 9
Appointment of official for West Coast Correctional Centre

June 17
Appointments to Public Utilities Board


July 4
Minister comments on Bishop's Falls Correctional Centre


August 28
Chief Justice T. Alex Hickman - Supreme Court of Newfoundland, Trial Division, Circuit of Trinity


October 29
NOTE TO EDITORS - News conference October 29, subject - report on secure custody for youth
Provincial government releases Inkpen report


November 28
Ministerial Statement - The full arming of the Royal Newfoundland Constabulary
Ministerial Statement - White Ribbon Campaign (Nov28 - Dec6)


December 1
Ministerial Statement - Select Committee of House of Assembly to examine arming policy of RNC

December 9
Human Rights Commission - News conference, Subject: Recommendations for amendments to Human Rights Code

December 11
Human Rights Commission - Results of December 10,11 meetings

December 19
Human Rights Commission - Decision in complaint against Rights Futures Project and the Department of Social Services

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