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Human Resources and Employment - 1997

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January 13
Meetings of ministers responsible for Social Services


February 18
NOTE TO EDITORS - Ministers of Finance and Social Services to respond to Federal Budget, February 18, St. John's
NOTE TO EDITORS - Changes in time of meeting with Ministers of Finance and Social Services

February 21
Canadian Hard of Hearing Association Newfoundland Chapter to provide Visual Interpretation services


March 5
National Social Work Week, March 3 - 7
March 13
Ministerial Statement - Information about the National Child Benefit

March 18
Ministerial Statement - Post Adoption Services

March 20
Ministerial Statement - Training Program for Foster Parents
New Department Established
Monies allocated for Child Care Initiative
New initiatives to ensure funding for eligible income support clients
Funding for Student Employment Programs

March 24
NOTE TO EDITORS - Labour Market Development Partnership to be announced today
Canada and Newfoundland and Labrador Sign Labour Market Development Agreement

March 31
NOTE TO EDITORS - News conference, April 1, St. John's  - Strategic Social Plan


April 1
Information and recommendations from public consultations on the development of Strategic Social Plan

April 16
NOTE TO EDITORS - Public information session on Development of Romanian Orphanage Children Adopted to Canada, April 17, St. John's

April 18
Federal/Provincial/Territorial Ministers Responsible for Social Services Continue Progress on National Child Benefit System

April 23
Ministerial Statement - Criteria announced for Provincial Student Summer Employment Programs


September 23
News conference, September 24 Subject - Goss Gilroy report

September 24
Note to Editors - Change in time of news conference scheduled for September 24
Steering committee established to carryout recommendations of Goss Gilroy report


October 3
Federal/provincial/territorial social services ministers to meet in St. John's, October 7

October 22
Foster Families an invaluable resource

October 29
Note to Editors - News conference October 29, subject - report on secure custody for youth
Provincial government releases Inkpen report


November 12
Contigency plan for social assistance cheques
Social assistance cheques pickup locations

November 20
Ministerial Statement - National Child Day
Ministerial Statement - Income support and strike action

November 21
Social assistance cheques to be delivered by mail


December 8
Director of Child Welfare files a statement of claim in Supreme Court of Newfoundland, regarding Jamie Batten

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