Government Services and Lands - 1997

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March 20
Government Services and Lands Budget measures

March 26
New Government Service Centre to open in Labrador City/Wabush


April 4
Changes to automobile insurance rating territories
Increased fines for drivers who operate vehicles without insurance

April 23
NOTE TO EDITORS - Vital Statistics and Tenancies relocated


June 2
Sweepstakes and 1-900 Numbers
Road Check 1997

June 9
NOTE TO EDITORS - Official opening of Clarenville Government Service Centre, Clarenville, June 10

June 10
Clarenville Government Service Centre

June 11
NOTE TO EDITORS - Opening of Grand Falls-Windsor Government Service Centre

June 12
Grand Falls-Windsor Government Service Center


July 17
NOTE TO EDITORS- Dennis Browne to hold news conference, July 18, St. John's

July 18
Dennis M. Browne, Q.C. - Study of prices of gasoline


August 19
Deadline for submissions concerning removal of CN bridges in province extended

August 22
Consumer advocate visits Lewisporte to study gas war


September 3
NOTE TO EDITORS - Howley Building Higgins Line will be closed for rest of today September 3

September 12
Federal and provincial ministers adopt measures for consumer protection

September 17
Dennis M.Browne, Q.C. - Consumer advocate seeks information from oil companies


October 3
ATV use while hunting
Consumer warning - Sweepstake offers

October 22
Consumer Advisory - Vanity Plates

October 30
Labrador West Government and Community Service Centre opens November 3


November 13
Dennis Browne , Q.C. - Gasoline price wars may not benefit consumers in long run

November 24
Dennis Browne, Q.C. - Consumer advocate comments on closing of gasoline outlets

November 25
Ministerial Statement - ATV regulations

November 26
PlaySafe Children's Publications Limited Licence suspended under Direct Sellers Act


Decembe 23
Dennis M. Browne, Q.C. - Consumer Advocate's Report on Gasoline prices in the province

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