Fisheries and Aquaculture - 1997

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January 2
NOTE TO EDITORS - Minister of Fisheries and Aquaculture to hold news conference, Friday, Jan. 3


February 7
Newfoundland and Labrador Professional Fish Harvesters Certification Board - Executive director appointed


March 6
Minister urges Ottawa to delay further action on Canada Endangered Species Protection Act

March 25
NOTE TO EDITORS - News conference, March 26, Logy Bay Subject: Aquaculture initiative
NOTE TO EDITORS - News conference, March 27, Jerseyside Subject: Aquaculture initiative

March 26
New Pilot-Scale Hatchery for Halibut announced

March 27
Research Brings Cod Aquaculture Closer to Reality
NOTE TO EDITORS - Minister to hold news conference, March 31, St. John's Subject - New policy for fish processing

March 31
New policy framework aims for more viable, stable fish processing sector


April 11
Licensed fish buyer ordered to dispose of inferior quality fish after fish inspection

April 23
Minister comments on increased quotas for northern shrimp

April 25
NOTE TO EDITORS - News conference, April 28, St. John's Subject - Establishment of tannery and marine oil purification facility
Newfoundland Aquaculture Industry Association - Annual convention and trade show, Apriol 28-30, Gander

April 28
Tannery announced as part of industrial park development

April 29
Changes for aquaculture leases announced

April 30
NOTE TO EDITORS - News conference, May 1, St. John's Subject - International conference on sealing


May 1
International conference on sealing to be held in province
Minister comments on federal announcement regarding EI regulations for TAGS clients

May 13
Ministerial Statement - Clarification Regarding Baie Verte Tannery

May 27
Minister comments on combining federal department with three others


June 3
Temporary 30 day lifting of restrictions on export of unprocessed crab from province

June 4
Decision for exporting crab on hold

June 5
Minister and FFAW President reach agreement on crab exports


August 8
Temporary halt to purchase of 4RS, 3PN cod in place

August 12
Quality awareness program producing results

August 15
Purchase of 4RS,3PN Cod resumes


September 5
Fisheries and Aquaculture Minister comments on food fishery on the south and west coast

September 17
News conference, September 18 Subject - Task Force relating to Fishing Industry Collective Bargaining Act

September 18
NOTE TO EDITORS - Minister of Fisheries and Aquaculture address St. John's Rotary Club, September 18
Task force to review Fishing Industry Collective Bargaining Act

September 19
Minister comments on NAFO decisions


October 2
Newfoundland host for federal/provincial/territorial fisheries ministers

October 6
NOTE TO EDITORS - Federal, provincial and territorial fisheries minister to hold news conference, October 7

October 7
Cooperation key theme at fisheries' ministers meeting

October 24
Positive results for first inshore northern shrimp fishery

Ocober 30
Minister on fact-finding mission to Japan, Korea, and China


November 14
Three aquaculture facilities announced

November 20
Ministerial Statement - Seal Fishery

November 21
North Atlantic Marine Mammal Commission - Sealing Conference information
Minister of Fisheries and Aquaculture to hold media briefing Subject: Trade mission to Japan
Ministers to address Commons Fisheries Committee, November 23, Tor's Cove

November 24
Minister of Fisheries and Aquaculture and industry spokespersons report on trade mission to Japan

November 25
Ministerial Statement - Sealing conference


December 9
Ministerial Statement - Project to study all aspects of cod farming

December 11
Ministerial Statement - Markets for dried squid
Newfoundland and Labrador Professional Fish Harvesters Certification Board - Release of certification assessment

December 22
Preliminary numbers on 1997 fishery
Minister says Mowat should apologize for comments

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