Executive Council - 1997

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January 2
Premier announces changes of senior officials

January 6
NOTE TO EDITORS: Premier to address to St. John's Board of Trade, January 6
Premier to lead two missions to Asia

January 10
Premier calls on South Korea to open its market to seal meat

January 11
Team Canada Highlights - Prime Minister Chretien and Premier Tobin promote local wine

January 12
Team Canada Highlights Canpolar East received order from Samsung
Province launches Immigrant Investor Fund

January 13
Premier congratulates NDI on deal signing in Korea
Canadian Rangers to travel 4,000 km to mark Cabot 500 anniversary

January 16
Team Canada - Premier signs Education Agreement

January 17
Team Canada Highlights - West Coast company signs International contract
Meetings on Churchill Falls during Team Canada Mission

January 19
Team Canada - Education Memorandum of Understanding between province and Thailand

January 23
Province signs agreement with China

January 28
Premier to meet media, St. John's, January 29

January 30
Premier to address Newfoundland Ocean Industry Association, January 30
Premier to meet with LIA, January 31

January 31
Joint Federal/Provincial Working Group established to examine issues relating to cost of RCMP services in province
Tentative schedule for installation of Lieutenant-Governor, February 5


February 7
Atlantic Ministers Responsible for the Status of Women meet in St. John's

February 21
NOTE TO EDITORS - Premier to speak with media, Subject - Results of Cabinet meetings.
Voluntary Departure Program announced for public service employees

February 28
Federal and provincial governments fund school governance for francophones


March 5
Land Forces Atlantic Area - Royal Newfoundland Regiment to conduct exercises with U.S. Army

March 10
NOTE TO EDITORS - Re-swearing in ceremony by new Lieutenant Governor, March 10
Record to Date report released

March 11
Speech from the Throne

March 12
New coordinator for Provincial Strategy Against Violence announced

March 13
Ministerial Statement - Premier's Advisory Council on Economy and Technology announced
NOTE TO EDITORS - Premier to travel to Labrador, March 13 - 18

March 14
NOTE TO EDITORS - Premier to hold news conference, Aurora Hotel, Labrador
Government allocates monies for school construction on Labrador coast
Nain Banker leased to Labrador Fisheries Co-operative

March 27
Government releases results of study on the Priorities and Concerns of Women in Newfoundland and Labrador


April 2
News Conferences, April 3, Labrador Subject: Labrador Transportation Initiative

April 3
Government announces construction of Trans Labrador Highway

April 4
Premier to step in as acting Minister of Mines and Energy

April 7
New appointments in the Department of Fisheries and Aquaculture

April 9
Newfoundland Beaumont Hamel Memorial in France declared National Historic Site

April 11
NOTE TO EDITORS - News conference, Subject: Developments regarding Bull Arm Site,  St. John's
Premier pleased with Petro-Canada's announcement of key east coast personnel

April 14
Premier announces labour agreement for Terra Nova

April 15
NOTE TO EDITORS - Premier to meet with media, April 15, St. John's

April 17
Federal and provincial governments announce JEEPS Project
Premier comments on introduction of Bill to Ratify the United Nations Fisheries Agreement

April 23
Ministerial Statement - Developments respecting northern shrimp fishery

April 25
Businesses now charge provincial government HST on taxable supplies of goods and services
LIA Land claim negotiations to resume
Premier's itinerary, April 18 - May 2

April 28
Provincial government to receive extra $66 million over three years in (CHST)
Ministerial Statement - Canada Health and Social Transfer (CHST)

April 30
NOTE TO EDITORS - Royal Visit accreditation


May 8
NOTE TO EDITORS - Appointments to Cabinet to be made today. May 8
Premier Tobin Shuffles Cabinet
CPPMA National Training Conference

May 9
ODC Comment on blockade by fishermen unions at entrance of Bull Arm

May 15
Premier Tobin sends condolences to the family of the late Gregory Power
Conference of Atlantic Premiers - St. John's, May 26

May 16
Conference of Atlantic Premiers - Atlantic Insurance Legislation Harmonization Project

May 21
TransOcean Explorer to drill up to 44 wells on the Terra Nova field

May 23
NOTE TO EDITORS - News Conference, Premiers Tobin, McKenna and Savage, May 26, St. John's

May 26
Premiers comment on Tax Point System
Conference of Atlantic Premiers - Trade mission to the Northeastern United States
Conference of Atlantic Premiers - Class action suit against tobacco companies
Conference of Atlantic Premiers - Canada's shipbuilding policy
Conference of Atlantic Premiers - Changing demographics in the Atlantic Provinces
Conference of Atlantic Premiers - Federal regional development programs
Conference of Atlantic Premiers - Regional economic cooperation

May 27
NOTE TO EDITORS - President of Treasury Board to hold news conference today
Provincial government and CUPE reach two pay equity agreements

May 28
Conference of New England Governors and Eastern Canadian Premiers - Agenda and Schedule of Events

May 30
Premier to make presentation at New England Governors and Eastern Premiers Conference


June 2
Executive appointments announced in various government departments

June 3
NOTE TO EDITORS - Province to celebrate Discovery Day on June 24

June 6
NOTE TO EDITORS - Royal Visit - Cabot 500 briefing session

June 11
Conference of Atlantic Premiers - Appointment of Vice Chair to Atlantic Procurement Coordinating Committee
Premier comments on release of information regarding pensions

June 12
NOTE TO EDITORS - Training workshop on emergency response to disasters and traumatic events, June 13

June 16
Community agencies help youth gain access to the labour market

June 17
Memorial Service for Stanley Knowles

June 18
NOTE TO EDITORS - Media Accreditation passes

June 23
Prime Minister of Ireland to present gift to Newfoundland and Labrador

June 25
Irish Prime Minister presents gift to people of Newfoundland and Labrador

June 27
Date announced for St. John's West by-election
Premier comments on decision regarding contract for diving work with offshore oil and gas industry


July 4
NOTE TO EDITORS - Premier to meet with Lieutenant Governor regarding Cabinet appointments
Premier shuffles Cabinet

July 9
Honours in the Royal Victorian Order

July 10
Cabinet to meet in Grand Falls-Windsor

July 11
NOTE TO EDITORS - Premier to receive gift from President of Italian Association of Terra Nova
Cabinet Committee on Rural Revitalization to visit Great Northern Peninsula and Southern Labrador

July 15
NOTE TO EDITORS - Premier and Minister of Forest Resources and Agrifoods to hold media briefing, July 16, Grand Falls-Windsor

July 16
Mineral claims on former provincial park lands

July 17
Premier to hold media briefing, July 17, Grand Falls-Windsor
Appointment of consumer advocate to investigate variations in retail prices of gasoline
NOTE TO EDITORS - Premier and Minister to hold media briefing tomorrow, July 18, Grand Falls-Windsor

July 21
Premier congratulates Sheila Osborne on her victory

July 31
Premier Tobin announces referendum on educational reform
Speaking notes from a province-wide address by Premier Brian Tobin


August 1
NOTE TO EDITORS - Obtaining copies of Premier's province-wide address regarding a referendum on educational reform

August 5
Premier in New Brunswick to attend 1997 Annual Premiers' Conference

August 8
New Marine Interpretation Centre opens in Terra Nova National Park

August 13
Government responds to requests for funding for referendum debate
Premier available to meet with media, August 13
Government consults constitutional lawyer regarding proposed text of Term 17 as it relates to education

August 22
Institute of Public Administration of Canada - Annual Conference in St. John's, August 24-27
NOTE TO EDITORS - News conference, Monday, August 25 to release wording of new Term 17

August 25
Provincial co-ordinator appointed for Voisey's Bay Project
Premier releases text of New Term 17

August 27
NOTE TO EDITORS - Information session on education reform, August 28, Corner Brook


September 1
NOTE TO EDITORS - Premier's voting location

September 2
NOTE TO EDITORS - Premier to address media following results of education referendum
NOTE TO EDITORS - Premier's meeting, September 14-15, Calgary, Alberta

September 3
NOTE TO EDITORS - Premier's address in response to education referendum results
NOTE TO EDITORS - Choices for elections of school board members

September 10
Lieutenant-Governor comments on expressions of sympathy on death of Princess Diana

September 12
Premier announces Irish Business Partnership group pursuing new development opportunities
Cabinet Committee on Rural Revitalization to visit West Coast, September 14-16

September 19
Premier issues statement in response to announcement that Voisey's Bay initial production will be delayed

September 22
NOTE TO EDITORS - Premier to hold news conference, September 22
Premier's statement in response to court action taken against government by Roman Catholic Church

September 23
NOTE TO EDITORS - Premier and Opposition Leader to hold new conference, September 23
Premier and Opposition Leader announce process for public consultations on Calgary Declaration
Ireland CEO to visit Newfoundland and Labrador

September 25
Atlantic Vision Conference, October 9, and 10 Moncton
NOTE TO EDITORS - Atlantic Vision Conference accreditation

September 26
NOTE TO EDITORS - News conference September 29 Subject: Rural information technology initiative

September 29
NewTel launches $60 million rural services program

September 30
Prime Minister to address Atlantic Vision luncheon
NOTE TO EDITORS - Accreditation/accommodations/Atlantic Vision
Premier and Opposition Leader release further details of unity consultation process


October 2
Atlantic Vision speakers confirmed

October 7
Executive appointments announced in Works, Services and Transportation
Statement by Premier on occasion of resignation of Premier Frank Mckenna
NOTE TO EDITORS - Premier to participate in news conference with Joseph Kruger II, Corner Brook

October 8
Premier gives details on Atlantic Vision Conference in Moncton

October 9
Study names St. John's as lowest cost location for business

October 10
Atlantic Vision Conference Moncton, October 9 and 10

October 16
Premier encouraged by new prospect in Labrador

October 23
Premier calls on Fisheries Committee to hold post-TAGS hearings in province

October 24
Government House Leader responds to suggestions of preferential treatment for west coast company

October 27
NOTE TO EDITORS - Call centre to be officially opened, October 28, St. John's

October 30
NOTE TO EDITORS - Premier and Provincial Command of Royal Canadian Legion to participate in a Fly the Flag of Remembrance, October 31
Basis of land claim agreement reached with LIA

October 31
Government sign new $50.14 million Economic Development Agreement
Federal/provincial/territorial ministers Responsible for Status of Women releases Economic Equality Benchmarks


November 4
NOTE TO EDITORS - Premier and Chairman of INCO to meet with media, November 4
Government House Leader comments on opening of House of Assembly

November 5
NOTE TO EDITORS - Premier to hold news conference, November 5
Details of LIA's land claim agreement released
Land Claims Backgrounders

November 7
Premier responds to Statistics Canada Labour Force Survey

November 10
Premier's address to Canada - U.S. Energy Trade and Technology Conference

November 14
Premier's speaking notes for news conference to announce funding for aquaculture initiatives

November 17
Ministerial Statements - Legislative Agenda

November 19
Ministerial Statement - Conflict of Interest Guidelines for Cabinet ministers

November 25
Reporting structure for Human Rights Commission changed

November 27
Premier provides land claims update
Information regarding making payments to and receiving payments from government


December 1
Christmas Lights Across Canada - Tree lighting ceremony, December 2

December 2
Ministerial Statement - Premier pays tribute to late Thomas Curran
House of Assembly unanimously passes Calgary Declaration

December 4
Ministerial Statement - Government House Leader responds to editorial on "Arming the RNC"

December 5
Ministerial Statement - Funding for core services at Women's Centres

December 9
Premier pleased House of Commons passes resolution amend to Term 17

December 10
Premier available to meet media, December 10
Ministerial Statement - Human Rights Day

December 12
News Conference, Subject: Morgan Cooper Report

December 15
NOTE TO EDITORS - House of Assembly will recess out of respect for former Chief Justice, Noel Goodridge
Ministerial Statement - Tribute to former Chief Justice Noel Goodridge

December 17
Ministerial Statement - TAGS Program

December 18
Ministerial Statement - Labrador Hydro Issues
Senate approves Term 17 on education reform

December 19
Efforts to block Term 17
Christmas message by Honourable A.M. House, Lieutenant-Governor

December 31
Executive appointments announced in government departments

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