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Education - 1997
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January 29
Canada's first Nation-wide Science Test


February 5
Provincial College - First-year university at college sites for 1997-98

February 13
News conference, February 14 Subject: Funding for Cabot College Petroleum Capability
Enhancement Project

February 14
Funding for Petroleum Technology Program


March 6
Educational report indicates Newfoundland schools continue to show significant improvements

March 7
Minister announces new kindergarten program for September

March 20
Funding for computers for schools
Government pays off debt of former school boards
Funding increased for Literacy initiatives
Funding for Provincial Information and Library Resources Board
Peer tutoring program introduced
Funding for school construction increased

March 27
Ministerial Statement - Controversy surrounding school designation process in District #5


April 21
Finance Minister, Paul Dicks reacts to statements by M.P. George Baker on teacher reductions

April 25
Winners under Atlantic Accord Career Development Awards Program


May 7
Ministerial Statement - Clarification Regarding Teacher Layoffs

May 16
Two scholarships awarded to attend a United World College

May 30
Minister comments on statements by Newfoundland and Labrador Teachers' Association


June 3
Appointment of Members to Interim Conseil Scolaire Francophone Provincial

June 10
NOTE TO EDITORS - International survey of Mathematics and Science test results to be released

June 11
Canadian students perform well in international Math and Science test

June 12
NOTE TO EDITORS - Operation Online
The Duke of Edinburgh to present awards to youth, June 25

June 13
Education Market Access Fund announced

June 27
Education minister comments on ads regarding college funding


July 8
NOTE TO EDITORS - Premier and Minister of Education to meet with media, July 8
Minister comments on court decision regarding education reform

July 9
NOTE TO EDITORS - Education Minister to meet with media, July 9

July 23
NOTE TO EDITORS - Minister of Education to meet with media today, July 23, St. John's
Government to appeal Judge Barry's decision

July 29
June 1997 Senior High School Results
Funding for new schools and construction projects


August 5
Provincial High School Scholarship winners

August 15
Minister of Education announces additional resources to assist school boards in re-opening of schools


September 8
Province to get Strategic Literacy Development Plan

September 9
September 2, 1997 Plebiscite Official Results
Note to editors - Education minister to meet with media, September 9
School board elections deferred


October 7
Education Referendum information campaign

October 17
Release of statistical information on the cost of providing student assistants in schools throughout the province

October 24
New appointments to MUN's Board of Regents
Minister and Federation of Students call for federal government to address concerns with loans program


November 4
Steps taken to solve student assistant problem experienced in some areas of the province

November 6
New 1-888 toll-free number implemented at Student Aid office

November 19
Copy available of Education Reform brief submitted to Special Joint Committee

November 24
Ministerial Statement - Term 17 update


December 2
Ministerial Statement - Learn not to Burn Program extended

December 8
Ministerial Statement - Air quality issues in province's schools

December 9
Atlantic Provinces Education Foundation - Human Rights Education
Atlantic Provinces Education Foundation - New framework for science education in Atlantic Canada

December 10
Ministerial Statement - Term 17 update

December 15
Ministerial Statement - First Ministers endorse vision for Canadian youth
Ministerial Statement - Private training institutions

December 18
Ministerial Statement - Funding for new camp at Northwest Pond for Girl Guides of Canada

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