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Municipal and Provincial Affairs - 1996

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January 15
NLHC - Provincial government continues support for housing repair program

January 19
NLHC - Scholarships to be awarded

January 22
NLHC - Students awarded scholarships

January 26
Next phase of solid waste management study for St. John's urban region to proceed


February 21
Owners of flood damaged cabins at Flat Bay asked to refrain from using their properties

February 22
Owners of flood damaged cabins at Flat Bay advised that they can safely return to their properties


March 19
NLHC - Scholarships to be awarded, March 20, Corner Brook

March 20
NLHC - Students awarded scholarships

March 26
Ministerial statement - Local Government Awareness Week, April 22-28


April 19
Proclamation of Local Government Awareness Week

April 23
Local Government Awareness Week


May 3
Emergency Preparedness Week May 6-12, 1996

May 6
Joint federal-provincial support will improve emergency preparedness in Newfoundland
Support for emergency preparedness in Springdale
Support for emergency preparedness in Corner Brook area and Steady Brook
Support for emergency preparedness in Marystown and Ramea

May 9
NLHC - Housing coalition raises consumer awareness through raise the Roof campaign


June 13
NLHC - Community centre to open in Marystown

June 14
NLHC - Two Sites Community Centre officially opened in Marystown

June 20
1996 Municipal Capital Works Program

June 28
Events in Canada and overseas to commemorate 80th anniversary of the Battle of the Somme at Beaumont-Hamel


July 17
NLHC announces proposal call to develop residential land in Mount Pearl
NLHC - Repair and upgrading programs for 1996/97 announced

July 23
NLHC - Housing initiatives announced for low-income seniors and families
NLHC initiative benefits Labrador


August 14
NLHC - Contract awarded to upgrade Old Placentia Road

August 22
NLHC announces proposal call for private development of golf course at Water Crest

August 23
NLHC announces proposal call for sale of land and buildings in the Northside Industrial Park, Goose Bay


September 10
CBS Council removed from office

September 12
Administrator appointed for the town of Conception Bay South

September 19
NLHC - Minister comments on progress of Southlands

September 27
Housing corporation announces proposal call for sale of residential/commercial properties in St. John's


October 4
NLHC invites proposals to assess environmental clean-up in Stephenville

October 15
NOTE TO EDITORS: Minister to hold news conference today (Tuesday), October 15 at 11:00 a.m.
BACKGROUND - Reforming municipal government in Newfoundland and Labrador, time for regionalization

October 28
NLHC seeks proposals for sale of residential land in Mount Pearl
NLHC sells 16 acres of residential property in Admiralty Wood, Mount Pearl

October 30
Premier and officials to participate in a Flag Remembrance ceremony, at Confederation Building, November 1


November 22
NLHC - Contract for environmental audit of Harmon Air Force Base, Stephenville

November 27
Ministerial Statement - New council for Conception Bay South

November 28
NLHC - Buckmaster's Circle Community Centre holds dedication ceremony

November 29
NLHC - Official dedication ceremony held for Buckmaster's Circle Community Centre


December 9
Personal Liability Protection for Provincial Firefighters

December 20
NLHC - Housing corporation sells land and buildings in Goose Bay Industrial Park

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