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Education - 1996
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January 5
Last Chance Public Examination in Academic Mathematics

January 11
Atlantic Provinces Education Foundation -Introduction of the French Language Elementary Science Curriculum

January 22
Education and Training Minister comments on draft school viability regulations


March 4
Hibernia Management and Development Company helps provincial design technology students
Major gains announced in Newfoundland's postsecondary education levels

March 5
Winners of awards for high school equivalency testing program
Department of Education and Training initiatives win international awards

March 6
Province's schools prepare to release individual school reports

March 26
Minister congratulates recipients of Prime Minister's Award for Teaching Excellence in Science, Technology and Mathematics


April 19
Framework agreement established to set up 10 interim school boards and a provincial construction board

April 24
Framework Agreement Education Reform - Backgrounder

April 29
Minister of Education will be holding a news conference
Ministerial statement - Minister of Education announces fiscal measures


May 2
Consultation Paper for a Strategic Social Plan

May 23
Elimination of public exams marking board

May 24
Ministerial statement - Cancellation of public exams
Cancellation of Public Examinations Questions and Answers

May 29
Erin Maureen Noel Awarded 1996 Pearson Scholarship


June 27
High-tech summer jobs for young people in Newfoundland and Labrador


July 12
Minister submits brief on Education Reform in Newfoundland and Labrador

July 30
Education Minister to hold news conference

Stephenville selected as provincial college headquarters location
Minister's statement on Consolidation of School Boards

July 31
June 1996 senior high school results


August 13
Entrepreneurship educators Confront the Monster Under the Bed

August 16
Entrepreneurship teaching materials introduced in schools across Atlantic Canada

August 20
Minister announces appointment of members to interim School Board Members

August 22
Provincial high school scholarship winners announced


September 11
Minister issues statement concerning extra curricular activities

September 12
Minister Announces Details of Public Consultation Process on Educational Reform

September 13
Government Increases Weekly Student Loan for Single Students

September 26
Newfoundland's school system measures up to regional standards, Atlantic provinces "report card" gives province passing grades


October 7
Minister announces new approaches to apprenticeship training

October 15
NOTE TO EDITORS: public consultation session on education reform to take place tonight (October 15)

October 23
Minister announces high school evaluation policy for 1996-97

October 29
NOTE TO EDITORS: Minister of Education, to host an official launch for Ben Wicks' Born to Read and Write Book at 11:30 a.m., October 29


November 4
Key Stages: A parents' guide to student learning outcomes

November 12
Minister issues progress report on education reform

November 18
Ministerial statement - Special Matters: The Report of the Review of Special Education

November 20
Ministerial statement - Third International Mathematics and Science Study

November 21
Ministerial statement - Public Consultation on Education


December 5
Ministerial statement - Amendments to Term 17

December 9
NOTE TO EDITORS: Minister of Education, to hold media briefing today (December 9) on new Schools Act / Education Act
Background information on education reform legislation

December 12
Ministerial statement - High School Drama Festival to be part of Cabot Celebration

December 13
Ministerial statement - Reports on student performance

December 17
NewTel Cabot 500 Internet Heritage Project launched

December 18
Minister announces initiative of Youth Services Division to provide youth with access to information on supports

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