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Human Resources and Employment - 1996

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March 1
Social Work Week, March 4 to 9


May 16
Ten New Special Investigators
Five New Social Workers


July 16
Minister announces review of all programming for children and youth including the Child Welfare Act


August 15
Social Policy Advisory Committee members appointed


September 5
NOTE TO EDITORS: Minister to meet with consumer groups tomorrow to outline changes to the Home Support Program for People with Disabilities

September 6
Changes to Home Support Program for People with Disabilities

September 16
Social Policy Advisory Committee - Notice of news conference

September 17
Strategic Social Plan Dialogue Schedule


October 15
Foster Families Week

October 17
International Day for Eradication of Poverty, October 17

October 22
Social Policy Advisory Committee - Additional day for session in St. John's

October 25
Minister announces provision of educational support services to students who are deaf or hard of hearing

October 30
Minister of Social Services responds to comments regarding Right Future Project


November 8
Contract awarded to Newfoundland Coordinating Council on Deafness (NCCD) for provision of Visual Language Interpreter Services

November 12
Social Policy Advisory Committee - Chair comments on People's Forum

November 13
Single Parents Association of Newfoundland and Labrador - SPANL to host lunch to promote Community Kitchens

November 14
Ministerial Statement - Jamie Batten case

November 20
Ministerial Statement - National Child Day

November 29
Ministerial Statement - Ministerial Council on Social Policy Renewal


December 11
Ministerial Statement - Government Home Support Program

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